Humarca GmbH was founded on 15 September 2003 by Arthur and Philipp Steiner. On 27.06.2017, the company was taken over by José Rubio

The objective of Humarca GmbH is to provide professional services in the area of corporate and human-resources consulting. Additionally it may engage in business and conclude contracts which are conducive to the company’s objective or which relate to the latter either directly or indirectly. It may set up branch offices in Switzerland and abroad and may have a share in or merge with other companies. Further, it may acquire, hold and sell properties and securities as well as grant loans.

owner: José Rubio, resident of Zurich

Joint stock: CHF 20,000, completely freed

VAT No. CHE-110.225.771MWST

Management: José (authorised sole signatory)

The Humarca Partners are independent entrepreneurs who represent Humarca GmbH on the market under its CI as franchise holders Humarca is an internationally registered brand of Humarca GmbH